Solid Progressive

1 Pro Set

All content has been carefully produced for your hair.
Use of

It is suitable for daily use. Suitable for all hair types, men and women. Apply to wet hair. It turns into foam during use, apply with light touches with your fingertips to spread the foam on your skin and nourish it.

4-5 sprays are enough for your skin. It is recommended to apply the product 2 (two) times a day to ensure that the foam penetrates your skin well and gives the most effective result. Leave it for 3-4 minutes and then rinse it off. If you have had hair transplantation, it is recommended to apply once or twice a day after the second day of the application.

What does it do?

It gently cleanses the problem of Hair Loss and weakened hair and reduces hair loss. Zinc; It helps to deeply nourish the hair follicles. There are many scientific studies that show that Saw Palmetto extracts, which were discovered as a result of long studies, stop hair loss.

Shampoo that prevents shedding with the support of 4 different Biotin in its content; With its sulfate-free light texture, Melissa extracts allow the hair roots to breathe and help balance the sebum secretion that accelerates hair loss. It allows you to have stronger, denser and lively hair.

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